American Idiot

After a long absence from my website, I’m finally excited to post a new opportunity that has come my way. Coming up January 15-17, Arena Stage will be putting on a production of “American Idiot,” a musical based on the Grammy-award winning Green Day album. The production is hosted by Act Two @ Levine. Rehearsals for the show start this weekend, and I’m very curious to see what the musical is like. Growing up, I listened to my fair share of Green Day’s albums and had no idea that their songs had been put into a stage adaptation. Here is a link for more info:


Violinist, Teacher, and Performer

Welcome to my site! Here you can stay up to date on projects and performances I’m participating in.

Coming up in a couple weeks is the Maryland Symphony’s “Home for the Holidays” pops series, a fun way to end the season and bring in the new year. I played last year as well and it was such a fun experience. The orchestra members were decked out in festive accessories – reindeer antler hats in the 1st violin section definitely stole the show. Maybe this year we’ll have the entire reindeer costume… Check it out here:

The latest project I’ve been involved in, which is still only in the discussion process, is an official string quartet group to be tailored specifically to providing live event music. More to come on that soon…

In the meantime, please come back now and again, I am planning on updating this site as frequently as I can get new videos/photos/news/etc. Thanks for visiting!